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15 February 2011

fak torres!fak chelshit

“When the season started I expected to play a lot to forget about my injuries. But Liverpool didn’t start well.

“There was no light at the end of the tunnel.

“An incredible door opened for me when there was six months of fight ahead of me.

“Now I can fight for what I’ve always dreamt about fighting for.”

hahaha..fak molek natang torres..

game sdemalm lembik jah...tokleh nk wat gapo pun...

masuk drogba baru napok hebat sket chelshit..sket jah la..

tokleh lawan man united blako...

nasib bak dok kaloh..ketidok kno pitah ko liverpool..ahahhaha


1 comment:

sang helang said...

dia memang sial pun... hahhaa.
pahni injured plop

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