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03 July 2011

road to brasil 2014: malaysia vs taiwan

firstly! this is international review. so i must re-come again to write this in english.

the budak milo in this stadium is not best. they sat so far from the line. i hate to see this.

today game aa malaysia go strong ar. they played good. taiwan just play play like dont wanna win. i dunt know why. but i wonder why malaysia cannot score more gol.

i see the ref was quite bad la. they give 3 chance penalty to taiwan. look he wanna see taiwan win. but taiwan not enaf good la.. they just play. they dunt wanna win.

urgh.. i hate to see this match to nite because what a.. because i hate to hear two people talking on the astro like joker. they say wat they donno. but they dont say what they know. i felt sad tonite.

i dont like richard. he talked too much. i feel, zainal also dont like richard talk too much. because when richard talked too much.. zainal just quite. hahaha.. so this will embarass richard.

hish.. i dont wanna review this match la.. because i hate this two people la. i like hasbullah.

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