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27 July 2011

gurindam versi english untuk choi soo-young

i promised to you my dear that one day..we will meet..
i don't care whether it is Sunday, Monday or even Friday..but one day..
one day you and i shall be making love together all night long..
aahh..aahh..oh yeah

let us forget about the political crap and government project tenders..
let us be together..forever making love..
on the floor..
in the kitchen..
on top of your washing machine..
in my garage..
in your closet..
anywhere you want, you wish..
just say it to're my master and i'm your slave..
but remember, who's your daddy?..
yes, i'm your daddy! say my name!

but one thing for sure..
making love with you is like driving a fully modified Mitsubishi Evolution 7..
i step on my gas, my oversize piston is moving in and out through your swelling block hardly..
i press on your 34C boost scrambler button again and again..
your turbo boost is getting higher and louder..
you scream out your turbo boost loudly..
with the sound of 'aah' from your blow-off valve..

oh damn soo-young..
it feels good to get inside you..
your body is a wonderland..
lets do it again..let me puff some B&H smokes first..
and then..
the journey of making extreme hard, kinky love continues..
until we become..
mama and papa..

forever, we shall be together..
and when tomorrow comes..
malaysia will win awesomely against them singaporean cunts!
i'm malaysia till i die
i'm malaysia till i die
i know i am, i sure i am
i'm malaysia till i die!

yours faithfully,
Abe Mat from Lundang, New Castle.

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