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07 June 2011

Terengganu 0 - 3 Kelantan ( Edisi peng-yu menangis )

Goals from our young striker, Izwan Solehuddinnnnnnnn drawn the 1st of many tears from the peng-yu squad. Also our former national squad's keeper Sharbini had given the nation the best of his audition of Maharaja Lawak. He'd lost the national's num.1 jersey to a certain MIA and our 2nd choice keeper Mat Cah is proven to be liun-liun times better than he is. After fouling Nurul Azwan Roya to no consequences, he tackled his own defender much to their both's disadvantages, giving Terengganu-borne Mat Yo to up his tally to be the nation's best goalscorer. The video below is a evergreen proof that the former Malaysia's number 1 is now our number 1 sissy.

The third goal came from our side own unresolved defending. As the ball bounced here and there in our penalty box, the final clearance had given Mat Yo his time to shine as he singlehandedly dribbled the ball half length of the field and scored our third goal and the final daggers to Peng-yus' hearts with a coolly place shot. Unconvincing our defending be, our attacking force was a whole another story.

Mat Cah deserved to be man of the match with his many wold-class saves. Being the no 2 keeper and had not been played for most of the session, Apek's absence tonight had given Mat Cah the opportunity to show that he is still in business. For me he is the perfect replacement goalie, he knows his place on the bench and when he is called up he pull off his duty perfectly. I'm sure that many had forgotten Mat Cah, and his contribution to the team when the legendary Halim Napi was suspended many times in the past but he defended our goalmouth strongly and proudly, giving time to the young Khairul Fahmi to brew and grew into the keeper we all grateful to today. He has, as always, been basking in the shadow of Halim Napi and Khairul Fahmi, but I kid you not that he will never be forgotten.

Shahrizan aka Mat Cah - the true unsung hero.
Last but not least, my tribute to our friend the 'spy' from Titing. He did not do his job quite as successful as when he's leaking our info to the Peng-Yu Muda as he did miserably last night.

Peng-Yu's Spy menangis. Kelih molek cayo kulit beliau, beliau ada di antara kita semua.

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