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12 May 2011

english is my bat.:kelate versus nine state.

sorry brothers all. there is late review for the past game. but surely i put here for ya. ok. the game last day end up with zero to zero.u know what? do u know why? because there is faking basterd referi there! faking stupid sold out the game. and u why? because my team didnt make it then i said it. hahaha... who cares.

ok fellas, the game was rude. kelate score it three time. THREE time. and it was cancel because some badass is FIFA i didnt know the name. just rule the world with one rule in the soccer game named OFFSIDE. oh demmit. just go fuck with my english ok. i try u dont. then fuck urself.

OFFSIDE is Offside. u knew it before me. but for me. even the game end up draw. because the red warrior score three time in offside than nine state didnt even score it even during halftime or after game(after MIA leave the goal). hahaha.. so whose the stupid most? what again? u dont understang what i said? fak u.

talaha score it once, chanturu score it once, khalid score it lastly. but troths(boths) didnt count.

this one the issue that i mad. i heard that nine state's fan burn out the kelantan flag. hey my mistake. some of them. faking stupid idiot. we didnt burn yours, why u burn ours? and media? what do u say? argghh fak media. no one cares. "our false will out paper, your false we eat like pepper"

and so. im going to say fak tu FAM. melaysia punya fotbal babi apa tah. yeah.. go fuck the hell yeah. this ogrnism is tatally idiut u can they make selongor win then kelantan draw? arghh fak.. joking je

the problem here is i heard that harima malaya going to have frendly with super world clutch club.what the fak. who orgnize that? FAM. hey what the goodness for making this idiot? do u thing this is going to make our team cool? fak u.

i knew it. this i just for money. u know.. when ars or meng or ches is going to malaysia. sure their match will fully booked. who fak my grammer. FAM gonna be rich.

FAM is basterd. i hate FAM rule MSL. 2 game in one week. no rest. faking. the player take one day for training. one day for match. one day for travel back day training home. one day travel again. one day training. one day match again. fak it. where the rest? when the rest? where or when? do u thing the player is robot. no wife to sex? no gf to date? no son for PIBG?

herm... i hate it.
p.s: Othman.

to selangor. i forgot to say. stay away from heaven.


madiba said...

great fucking komen from fucking fan who love to fuck yeah! i bet you need to buy one big britannica or whateva fucking dictionary out there next time you try to start writing. but yeah, fuck grammar! i watched the game, 70min till the last wisel. khalid pondanis dah maken gagah. the last goal (want to consider it a goal eventho it was totally offside) was great. the cross was awesome, but khalid doubled the awesomeness. we draw but we rule. all those fucking idiots n9 fan (some of them) should be burnt alive (while wearing manchester united jersey should be great), who cares? such idiots dont deserve to live at all to watch our national football, growing some balls. akhir kata, hails fucking fuck, sang helang!

sang helang said...

sabar sabar madiba.

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