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02 March 2011

My thoughts on last night's game (Cheski vs ManU)

It's always painful not being able to watch Kelantan's games especially the one like last night. Living abroad, the only mean I can watch any Kelantan games is when RTM1 is kind enough to broadcast them live, and which I had to painfully search for a clear and smooth streaming over the internet. And RTM is never kind. One can say that last night's game held at SSM-IV was a derby match. The stadium itself was overloaded. Two giants in our little league, so to speak. After all I missed the game last night and I had to turn to the next best thing, the match between Ceski and ManU at the Stamford Bridge. And pardon my language this time as I was reviewing an english football match, ergo the language.

It was a very important match for both team and the league entirely. Ceski needed the 3 points to reclaim their place in the top 4 and ManU needed those points to further enlarge the gap between themselves from their contender, Arsenal with the Gunners still have one game in hand and the Devils is facing a difficult ties ahead. So both the team played their best eleven, whoever they had in their disposals. Rooney having scored two for two is starting ahead of the league's top scorer and Ceski was still betting on their most expensive player to justify his 50m price tag.

Early in the match Torres had a goal disallowed. It was a great goal but Mr Atkinson blown his whistle far before the el-nino volleyed the ball into the back of the net. The 1st half belonged to the Devils as the Rooney-Hernandez-Nani trio together with Evra were pissing all over the Blues defenders. Ivanonic was pwnd so hard by Luiz Nani he had to turn into a dirty motherfucker for the hole match. Hernandez fucked John Terry like a big black pimp fucks a asian schoolgirl. Terry's ball slowly turned into a VD-ridden pussy. Only David Luiz held strong against the born-again Rudeboy. It's fair to say that the Brazilian turned the hairy ape into his bitch all night long. And he was enjoying every second of it. Ashley Cole was almost non existent as he is just a glimpse of his shadow when he was a Gunner.

Torres is slowly but surely learning his trade at the Bridge. He seemed to link beautifully with othe Ceski's players. He and Anelka is developing into a force in the future given that the latter is still capable of being a force at all. But during most of the game last night, he was just running around the field like a scarred little girl. No impact at all. Nemanja Vidic easily handled him and pissing all over him. In the middle of the field, Essien is being sodomised by Darren Flasher, a player half his size. Lampard, being a fat bastard like his uncle Harry Redneck was constantly sucking Carrick's white dick. The only positive in the Ceski midfield is Ramires, although most of the season he was nothing more than a black dot in the middle of the pitch. Malouda was wasteful and so was Anelka. No more French connection for the Blues apparently.

The goal unsurprisingly came from the Rudeboy Runneh. He turned into a wind mill, spinning like drunken chick in an ill-attempted Ziddane-roullete, before firing a shot into Cech's lower coner. It a fierce shot through a gap left by the defenders confused by the miraculous  play by the Devils. For a moment Rooney escaped from his afro-pimp and he, for a moment, was not his bitch. His celebration, honestly was like a boy taking a piss in the ocean. Rooney beat the not-so-invincible Peter Cech and the Cezh moaned like a bitch. After the goal, Ceski tried to up their game a notch but to no avail as the Devils keep ripping them a new ones. Lampard was more involved but still his dreamy self. At this points, ManU looked as good as winning the game and so the league.

Come the second half, and I personally thought that the Devils would continuously pwning the Blues just like the first half. But no man had ever make Sir Alex Fergusson his bitch in more occasions than Carlo Ancelotti. He came out the dug out with a plan. With Ac Milan he had fucked the Devils in so many occasion, he did it twice last season with the Blues. In no means that he gave up. The second half saw David Luiz more involved in the attack. And through that he was able to score his first goal with the Blues. He was cool as Van Nistelroij in his finishing. Calmly waiting the loose ball and while giving his middle fingger to incoming Patrice Evra, the body language tells nothing until just before he executed his tremendous volley. Van der Sar left unmoved and Patrice Evra was his little bitch at the moment.

The goal canceled the Ronney's goal earlier. This strengthen up his position as the pimp and Runneh as his bitch further more. As the match progressed the position becoming more clear. Twice he hard tackled Rooney and walked away. As the commentator lamented he should had been red carded. But that is exactly what you do to your bitch. You fuck her hard, you fuck her good, you hurt her and you just walk away. Easily said than done when your bitch is a fat hairy ape, but David Luiz had done it just the same.

Ceski's second goal came from a Fat Lampard's penalty. No one to blame though. The inexperienced Smalling just planted his foot and Zhirkof saw it as an opportunity. He took it at the best time. If it was Old Trafford the referee could had just wave it away, but at the Bridge the Devils tasted its own medicine. The young man was speechless even though his lips are so big he could suck Mr Atkinson's dick right away and denied the penalty decision. But the referee was not interested. Fat Lampard being an Englishman and being Fat Lampard, he had the reputation as giving this golden opportunity away as we often see. But not this time as he slammed the ball past the diving Dutchman. Van der Sar was fooled, it was a straight ball but with much authority and power, it went past through him. Ceski had turned the table they are back with the top 4.

Being the dirtiest motherfuckers around, Ceski's players from this time onward were focusing in time wasting. And who is more dirty than Drogba the Dog. This time the played Nemanja Vidic like an whore with a vibrator. As a result, the Serbian is sent off and he is unavailable for selection against the Reds at Anfield. With Ferdinand is also unavailable, the going is just getting tougher for the Devils.

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